Junk Captain, Jhoira Deck Tech

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain wants you to play historic (Artifacts, Legendaries, and Sagas) spells, and when you do she rewards you by having you draw a card. Of those three types, Artifacts are the most abundant in all of MTG, and like most other deck builders we are going to exploiting the options.


Squee, the Fleer Deck Tech

This deck Tech is focused around using Squee, the Immortal as the Commander. We are going to be abusing the enter the battlefield cards in both red and colorless. We are also going to be sacrificing him pretty often. Lets get to work

Kaladesh Commander Staples #1

Urza’s Destiny, released in 1999, changed the way that Magic: the Gathering would be played forever, but we aren’t here to talk about that. This post should have been “Have this in every enchantress deck”. This set pretty much introduced Dying effect, as it had a lot of them in the 199 card slots. The card being featured today is one of the most interesting ones in White.

New Series April 24

This post is going to go over series that should be added in May. Please take a look!

Keywords in Magic the Gathering #1

Almost every Magic: the Gathering card has a keyword. Most people assume that you will know what these keywords mean, and this is common with most MTG players. So, we want to take a second to go over ten Keywords at a time, and explain them. This will be another Alternate Formatted Post Series.